Everything You Know is Wrong:

The Firesign Theatre Trivia Quiz

by Richard Arnold

The Contest is over (September 1996). My thanks to all who participated, entered, and helped with the quiz. Click here for the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner, and a list of special thanks. If you entered, clicking on that link will provide you, The Little Guy, with your personal scores.

Scoring is based on the relative difficulty of the question. Questions that can be determined from one or two listenings of the album are scored "easy" (1 point). Questions that require repeated listenings, or at least a concentrated listening with headphones are scored "moderately easy" (2 points). Questions that require knowledge of hidden meanings, inside jokes, knowledge of other Firesign Theatre albums, etc., are scored "moderately difficult" (3 points). Questions that require general knowledge/trivia, and non-album information about the Firesign Theatre beyond their actual recordings, or refer to a popular culture/historic/psychological/ literature/music/art or other outside reference, are scored "very difficult" (4 points).

All judgements as to scoring of individual answers are made by Richard Arnold, and are final. Before the publication of the quiz, he made a list of possible alternate answers to questions that he would accept; all other alternate answers will not be accepted once the quiz is published. Exact wording or spelling of answers is not necessary unless specified in the question.

In the event of a tie score, the prize was given to the entry received first by Richard Arnold.

Questions, concerns, thanks, burnt offerings? Email Richard Arnold at rarnold@clark.net.

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