jasonp's Home Page

Welcome to my web page. Here you can find a bunch of stuff I've made or collected that reflects my personality, hobbies, and illnesses. If you'd like to drop me a line, I can be reached at address boo dot net, user jasonp.

Marvel at the grandeur of my Pi Program Pile (last revised 12/11/00)
Thrill to my incisive analysis of ancient alignments
Watch galaxies collide on your PC
How fast can a Fast Fourier Transform get? (last revised 12/14/98)
Try out a free simulator for Intel's newest computer architecture
Download source code for integer factorization (development ongoing)
The Developer's Guide to NCBI BLAST

Have a look at my Master's thesis, which deals with the performance of combined encryption and authentication. It also includes lots and lots of encryption source code. Now in PDF format!

Behold (a fraction of) my pile of stupid things, collected from years of carefully wasted time online:
The original stoopid file
All of Murphy's Laws
Getting along in school
jasonp's Abridged Math Joke File
The unabridged version: triple the size, and totally different
The ancient pile of roleplaying game one-liners
Real Programmers et. al.